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‘Bespeak the bespoke’


Chequers design 92% wool/8% nylon. Select a colourway, let us create a colourway or ‘Bespeak the Bespoke’ and we’ll create a design and colourway(s) for a unique environment.

Kansei seating features ‘Strata’ texture on the base with ‘Landscape, Seascape, Escape’ on the back. 92% wool and 8% nylon fabrics.

This piece delivered to Scotland House, Blackfriars, London.


What would you like this image to be?
An upholstery textile, a curtain textile, an accessories textile for cushions, headboard, throw, an acoustic panel, a rug or an art piece? Suitable for contract and residential settings, our new 98% wool/8% nylon textile design is as versatile as you might wish to make it. This image represents 300mm from a unique pattern repeat drop of 3000mm with it’s hugely varied colour and textured effects. Landscape, Seascape, Escape is evocative but reassuring, inspired by each of these words and our rich, natural heritage.



 our new seating development is coming along nicely!

Our very long and strong Saeti sofa with friends

A bespoke 3.5 mtr width version


How do you go about selecting a name for your new products? Naturally there are plenty of influencing factors. I was asked how we chose our names so I thought I’d share a few. 

I recently ran this via LinkedIn and featured four of our seating designs.

First off is our seating design ‘blue note’. As a Jazz lover and thinking that the ‘key like’ back rests on our seating coupled with the seat shape temptingly suggesting a sax, I thought of Blue Note. This is jazz and blues terminology referring to a note played at a slightly different pitch than might be expected thus being expressive and variable to each musician.

Second one in our series is seating design ‘4 off the block’ (fully upholstered shown). An original concept with Portland stone for 4 individual seat ‘pads’ is in hand. A fascinating substrate with the smooth variety being perfect for surface pattern making. I am particularly attracted to the Roach and Whitbed varieties with more open texture and fossil evidence being visible. So, 4 seat ‘pads’ – ‘4 off the block’.

4 off the block duo.001

Third one in our series is seating design ‘Taisho’ . Admiring of Japanese design and craft, name searching in Japan brought us to the beautiful Lake Taishō, so named because it was formed by the eruption of Mt. Yake in 1915, during the Taishō period in Japan from 1912-1926, a period known as the Taishō Democracy. The piece in the pic is covered in a fine quality wool. Ideal for upholstering around all those curves.

Fourth one in our series is seating design ‘Saeti’. Saeti is the Old Norse and Icelandic word for seat. Iceland is such a mysterious and stunning place, how could I not be influenced by it’s geological wonders. In this case, Saeti evolved from the Basalt columns at Vik beach, albeit in horizontal form.